Monday, June 27, 2016

Pregnancy Diary 3 || Thirty Six Weeks

I cannot believe I am almost full term! I will be 37 weeks this Thursday, so after that baby can technically come anytime he wants. Although, I would prefer he takes his time. I've got too much I need to get done!

I am feeling pretty darn good, considering. The struggle getting out of bed in the morning is real though. Not because I am too tired, but because sitting up in bed after laying still for so long takes a lot of effort these days. And those first few steps are killer! The achy lower back, and baby settling onto your full bladder. Ugh! Thankfully once I am up and moving around I feel alright. I am still getting to the gym a few days a week, and fitting in a yoga class when I can. I've had to modify big time, but it still feels good to get in there to lift some weights and move my body. Even if it is moving rather slowly these days.

Baby is in a good position with his head definitely down. He moves all the time. I can always count on him waking up at just about 10pm, and I am counting on him being wide awake at 10pm once he is here.

I am so excited to share my maternity pictures soon! My cousin is newly into photography, and it worked out perfectly that she was in town a few weeks ago (she's living down in Virginia) to do a little photo shoot. In the past I've always just given one of my sister's my camera and said go for it, and they are great and I am so happy to have them, but it was fun having someone who really knew what she was doing take pictures. And they came out SO well! I will be sharing my favorites soon, but for now if you hadn't already you can check some out on her blog right here!

Here is the belly at 36 weeks!

36 weeks pregnant with Sam.
36 weeks pregnant with Charlie.

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