Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Excuse me while I boast

I don't really talk much about my husband on this blog. Every so often his face will just happen to be in some of the pictures I share and occasionally (but not nearly enough) I will remember to write a post for his birthday or an anniversary. He isn't into sharing what he wore (but how great would THAT be?), and he doesn't change hardly enough to do a photo shoot every month. But he has been doing some great things lately, and I wanted to boast for a minute about it.

Dean just never stops thinking, and dreaming, and scheming and creating. He is a visionary to the T. It is a fantastic quality in him. He has a great desire to not only provide for us, but to use his skills and wealth to share the Gospel in a big way.

As long as we have been together I have been his filtration system. Oh the ideas this man has had. I have come to know that if he comes to me all excited saying, "Ok! So, I was thinking. What if....." it does NOT mean we are about to do something fun, but that he has yet another invention or idea that I need to yay or nay. Although, if one day you see a catapult in our backyard just know I definitely did not yay that one. Moving on...

For about a year now, Dean has been hard at work on a new business venture. Countless hours have been poured into it. Many nights have been spent away from his family. Risks have definitely been taken. The day is here, and I am so proud of him.

So, please! Support local businesses, support three amazingly adorable boys and go check out Favular!

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