Monday, November 12, 2012

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 8

I first want to thank everyone who has reached out to me with offers for help and prayers. This past week has been rough, to say the least.

Last Wednesday, Dean had left early for work. The boys were at Grandma's. I woke up feeling awful. I finally dragged myself out of bed and to the bathroom around 10am, and I new I couldn't go on like this. My stomach was hurting so bad. I was dry heaving, sweating, shaky, had an awful headache and felt like I was going to pass out. I felt like my body was crashing. I made my way back to bed, and texted Dean that I wasn't doing well. I felt so bad, because I knew he had a busy day. But I could not keep going like that. He came straight home, and brought me up some water and a yogurt. I slowly made myself have some. We already had plans to go to my midwifes that afternoon for an IV infusion, so I just laid in bed
waiting. Just focusing on breathing and praying to God to keep my baby safe.

We got to my midwifes. I was very dehydrated. My blood pressure was super low. I usually have nice, plump, veiny hands, but they were thin as can be. I got a couple bags of fluids, and got a dose of b6. We had read about women having great results with the b6, so we figured it was worth a try.

We ended up deciding that I would start taking some meds. Something that would help with my nausea, so I could keep food down. I hate having to take meds. Hate it. But we decided that the risk of having a negative side effect from the (pregnancy safe) drug was lower than the risk of something happening to the baby from me starving. Which I was.

We had my blood tested as well, and my blood protein level was really low. Which is a sign of malnutrition. We also checked my b levels and it was actually high. So, our hopes for an easy, natural fix wasn't happening.

The meds have helped. They take the edge off, so I have some relief. I have been able to eat a bit more, although I still have no appetite. It's hard having to force yourself to eat when nothing sounds good. I still feel super icky, and am so weak. The days are long. Nighttime is my favorite time. I am grateful for every day that passes, bringing me that much closer to feeling back to normal. The 2nd trimester can't come soon enough.


  1. oh Stacey, that all sounds just so terrible. I've been praying for you continually! I pray that you'll find relief and comfort. It will all be so worth it in the end - I must say, you and your husband make gorgeous babies! Take care <3

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Jordan. I really do appreciate it. Knowing this is all for another healthy, beautiful baby is what keeps me going.