Monday, November 26, 2012

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 10

So far, so good with week 10. I was able to eat some food, and keep it down over Thanksgiving. The past 2 days, plus so far today, I have taken ZERO meds, which I am very happy about! I have been more nauseas without them, but it has been managable. Smells seem to be the biggest trigger, and whenever I try and walk around a bit attempting to be productive I almost always have to throw up. But I'm thankful for some progress.

I am so anxious to feel back to normal! It is so hard being sick and stuck in a house that doesn't feel like home yet. We moved in, found out I was pregnant 2 days later and a week later I started feeling sick. Boxes are everywhere, and walls are bare. Making a house feel cozy and welcoming is so important to me, and not being able to do much of anything has been frustrating.

I can't wait to start posting weekly belly pictures, but there is nothing there yet so I won't bore you!

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