Monday, April 9, 2012

Boys in (Bow) Ties

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. We sure did! Here is our attempt at a family picture. The sun was so bright, that this was the best we got!

Here we are Easter last year!

In Easters past, I haven't put much thought into what the boys wore. I usually just stuck them in pastel colors and called it a day, and was planning on just doing the same this year. I was given a hand me down suit that was perfect for Sam, but I had nothing for Will. After doing a little thrifting I found a perfect blue checkered shirt for Will for $3 bucks! They would have been cute enough with just that, but last minute (as in the Friday before Easter) I decided to make some ties for them. I had this tiny scrap of fabric leftover that was the perfect color. I am so glad I took the time to do it, they turned out so cute!

I was so surprised that Will actually LIKED his tie! When I got him dressed I was going to wait to put his tie on until we got to church, but he goes, "Wait mom! We forgot my tie!" He wore the thing all day!

After church, we spent the day at my parents with all my siblings and their spouses/fiance's/child. My Aunt and Uncle and cousin came over for dessert, and my cousin was so sweet and brought a whole bunch of eggs to hide for a egg hunt for the kids. This was Will's first time doing an egg hunt, and he loved it! Thanks Jill!

If anyone wants some jelly beans, we have enough to feed an army!

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