Saturday, September 3, 2011

Will Can Read!

Will is still only 2 years away from starting Kindergarten; Yikes! I want to start getting into a "school" routine now though. He is such a smarty, and I really want to take advantage of it.

Kids are capable of learning so much more than we know at a young age. We just don't think to teach them to read at 2/3 years old. I mean, that's what Kindergarten is for, right? Wrong! I have been working on teaching Will to read some simple words by teaching him the sounds of the letters, and using big, bold letters. We go over them a few times a day. Usually at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We don't dwell to long on one word. If he's having trouble I will help him out, and never let him get frustrated. So far he loves reading his words, and is doing really well!

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