Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Little Corner: A before and after.

Way back in March I posted about making use of a room whose only purpose at the time was collecting junk. Slowly, but surely, I have taken the room back! I still have a few finishing touches to make to complete the room, but here is a little peak!

We never used this space as an actual office. The desk was there because it fit. And there it sat. Getting covered with junk. I wanted to create a useful space for me to be crafty, and have my sewing machine easily accessible at all times. So, here is the before picture:

Yeah, I know. Gross. But trust me, it gets better! Here it is now:

Much better, right? I took off the top part of the desk, to give me more tabletop space to work with.

The lamp is the same. I just spray painted the black base and added some super cute white ruffles! I am in love with it! I plan to do the same thing with our nightstand lamps in our bedroom. It was easy enough to do, just a bit time consuming to make the ruffles. (And yes, that is sharpie all over the desk. Will can be thanked for that!)

I love, love, l o v e how the picture collage came out. This took the longest to finish. I had to collect enough frames, spray paint them all, figure out the layout and then hang them on the wall using a ruler and pencil markings. It's definitely not perfect if you look close, but it turned out better than I thought it would! I think next time I do this, I will invest in a level.

It's been great having my sewing machine set up at all times. Instead of having little sewing projects pile up, I can just quickly sit down and hem some pants or take in a sweater. It's great!

I still have a couple things that need to be done to complete this space; A cork board on the right wall, find a new home for the computer, and get a picture for the frame on the shelf. But overall it is 10 times better than it was!

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