Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Air Show!

This past Sunday, we took Will (Sam tagged along too!) to the Rochester Air Show! Deans sister, Lydia, and our nephew Mo came as well. We were talking about it to Will all week, and he was very excited to go. With the Blue Angels practicing overhead a couple days beforehand we had some good practice ourselves covering our ears. They were so loud from inside our house, I could only imagine how loud they would be flying right over our heads! We brought along some ear protectors for the boys, which came in very handy.

It was such a hot day! The sun was blazing down all day, without much shade in site. We walked around for a bit, and the boys got to admire the planes, both big and small. Although, Will was equally impressed to see motorcycles and school buses there as well.

Here are the boys holding up the big C-47 Skytrain...or maybe it was the C-130 Hercules...(and yes, I googled that.) Or as I prefer to call them, the big jumbo Army cargo planes.

We attempted to sit out in the field right near the runway to get the best view we could of the air shows going on, but trying to keep 3 little boys happy in the hot sun was not an easy task. Sam was so tired,  but could not fall asleep in the heat. After over an hour of trying to take care of a fussy baby while holding an umbrella with one hand to keep from frying, we eventually gave up and sought out some shade. The had one of those big jumbo Army cargo planes opened up in the front and back, which created a heavenly constant breeze throughout. I brought Sam inside to nurse, and he immediately fell asleep. Yay!

For the BIG show (the Blue Angels) we sat underneath the shade of an airplane hanger. We didn't quite get the full view, but it was still pretty cool and incredibly loud! I kept Sam's ears covered, and although he jumped every time they flew overhead, he slept through the whole thing!

I wish I was able to take more pictures, but I was pretty much holding Sam the whole time.

It was definitely an experience, that's for sure. Maybe when Will is a little bit older, and can really appreciate it all, I will have daddy take him and I will stay home.

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