Monday, May 2, 2011

Fed Up!

2 years ago I started getting small, red, dry spots on my arm and hand. Over the course of just a couple weeks it spread all over both my forearms and on my hands and finger. It stung when it got wet, and itched like crazy. I tried some creams, but nothing was helping. As annoying as it was I wasn't being to pro-active about finding something that worked. Until, that is, it started showing up on my face. My forehead was dry as can be, and under my eyes became red and dry. It looked terrible, and it stung as well.

After doing some research I decided to give a candida diet/cleanse a try. So began a 10 week journey of eating no sugar (not even fruit with the exception of berries), carbs (includes ALL types of grains) or (some) dairy, along with taking (nursing friendly!) supplements 5 times a day. This was summer of '09. My face cleared up within a couple weeks, which was great! So maybe it was diet related; An allergy of some sort? By then end of those 10 weeks, the rash on my arm and hands had gotten much better, but it wasn't completely gone.
Eating that strictly was hard. In fact, it really sucked. Having to bring my own cooked up veggies and plain ol' piece of chicken cooked in lemon juice to BBQ's, and watch everyone partake in burgers slathered in ketchup and pasta salads with chunks of cheese. And let's not forget the smorgasbord of desserts that followed.

After eating almost perfectly for 10 weeks, I gradually began incorporating carbs, sugar and dairy back into my diet. My skin problems gradually started coming back. Over the next 6 months or so, still eating "normal", they came and went. I tried many different kinds of creams, salves, and oils. Nothing I used topically helped. Not even a little. I saw an herbalist who did a high tech analysis of my body, and started taking a bunch of supplements, focusing mainly on healing and strengthening my liver/small intestines. Although they did help with other things, I didn't notice any change in my skin. I began to realize that it seemed to flare up whenever I was stressed, and was particularly bad during that time of the month. So maybe it was stress and hormonal?

Then Spring of 2010, I got pregnant. I was sick for most of April and May, and my skin cleared up almost perfectly. Sure, I was hardly eating anything, yet my body had never been more stressed or hormonal than it was then! So was it food related or hormonal? Throughout my pregnancy with Sam my skin flare ups would still come and go, mainly on my face. I had a great pregnancy though! I contribute a lot of that to having a healthier liver. Although all of those supplements I was taking didn't seem to help my skin, by healing my liver I had almost no heartburn, no swelling and didn't suffer from Cholestasis like I did while pregnant with Will!

I have still been struggling with flare ups on my face since Sam was born, but it never got too bad. I was usually able to cover it up pretty well with some makeup. I tried to limit the amount of sugar and carbs I ate, but was still eating them.

Which brings us to the present. A week ago (just in time for Easter, yay!) my face started to get bad again, and within this past week it has gotten worse then it has ever been before. It is red, dry and stings all under both my eyes. Make up does nothing to cover it. I am so fed up with this! I hate having to go out and talk to people when I look like this. So, starting today I am going to start a candia cleanse again. There are so many fun events this month that involve food too! Mother's Day brunch, baby shower, cookout with friends, a wedding, my Birthday! It is going to be very hard to stick with it, but I also would rather not look like death during all of those events.

I would love some words of encouragement, prayers for healing, and please, oh please, don't tempt me!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear of this hardship in your life, Stacey. If I was going through what you have I would go see Dr. Calhoun, our beloved chiropractor in Victor. He is a wealth of information, not only about chiropractic care, but about wholistic remedies to medical problems. Check him out! Praying for you.
    Mrs. T