Monday, May 16, 2011

Candida Cleanse Update: Week 2

It has been 2 weeks now since I cut sugar, grains and (most) dairy from my diet. My second day into it I experienced what is called candida "die off." Since I wasn't eating anything the candida could eat, it began to die. Which can create a whole host of problems, including:

- poor concentration
- heart palpitations
- fatigue
- headaches
- anxiety
- depression
- irritability
- crankiness
- itching
- constipation
- gas and/or other gastrointestinal distress
- nausea
- intense cravings for sweets and carbohydrates

In my case? On my 2nd day, I woke up early with stomach pains; Feeling like I was very hungry. Laying in bed, I began to shake. I felt like I was going to pass out even though I was laying down! I got out of bed, grabbed an apple and some water, and sat down on the bathroom floor. I drank the water, ate some of the apple and went back into bed to care for crying Sam. Shortly after, I began to feel nauseous, and had to rush back into the bathroom to throw up what I had just eaten.

I experienced the die off when I first did the candida cleanse 2 years ago, so I knew that it would most likely happen again. But I was only 1 day into it, and the first time around it took 2 weeks! Which is why at first I thought it might be a stomach bug; I didn't think I would be having those symptoms so quickly! How did I know it wasn't a bug? I ate a piece of toast. If I continued to feel bad, and throw that up it was most likely a bug. But I ate it, and I felt fine. The bread fed the candida. That whole fiasco lasted a few hours. After eating that toast, I went right back into eating right, and, thankfully, haven't had to deal with it again yet.

That first week continued to be super tough. I had jumped into this diet pretty quickly, and wasn't as prepared as I should have been. One of the hardest things about eating this way is the amount of time it takes to prepare food. I'll admit, I did not eat hardly enough that first week. Especially for being a nursing mom. But I hated it. I wanted to eat!  My reason for doing this is to clear up my skin (which really is just a sign that something isn't right in my insides). I am not doing this to lose weight.

Sure, I have some baby weight left. But my baby is only 5 months old! It took me a good 8 months to lose all my baby weight from Will, so I'm not expecting anything less this time around. In fact, if it took longer I wouldn't be surprised. I have a lot less time these days being a mom of 2, and some days working out just doesn't make it on my list! Since I started this diet I have only worked out once, and it was just a walk/jog around my neighborhood. I'd like to workout more though. I know how important exercise is to help sustain a healthy lifestyle. Once I have a good grip on my eating I will add working out back into my routine.

So, the first week my skin continued to get worse and worse. By day 6 it was the worst it has ever been. I knew that it was normal for symptoms to get worse before getting better, but it was still a bit depressing. Going into week 2, I finally began to see some changes! Everyday it was a little less red. A little less sore. A little less dry. By this past Saturday it was looking great! I was very excited to see results, especially since that was the day of the baby shower I had been planning for my sister in law, Anna! After eating great for almost 2 weeks, I thought I could handle cheating a little bit. I was wrong.

Just a few hours after treating myself to a taste of some of the fabulous desserts a red, dry spot appeared on the corner of my eye. By the end of that night it had all come back. I was so mad at myself! As delicious as the food was, I realized it wasn't worth it.

So, here we are. I jumped right back into eating well, and my face has calmed down a bit. For now I will continue to eat this way, and with the help of my MIL I am looking into some more options to try and get to the bottom of this. I'm trying to stay positive, although some days are harder then others. I would appreciate your continued prayers and words of encouragement! And if you have any tasty food ideas, please share!

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