Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's business, it's business time....

Ahh, we had a great 2 nights away at a stunning hotel in Connecticut. It was for a first ever business trip for Dean.

*He has recently joined a new buying group, in which he his able to get new appliances for his store. They have 2 business "conventions" a year, in which most all brands of appliances and electronics are there giving great deals, and wanting you to buy their stuff.*

The hotel it was held in is, supposedly, the 2nd biggest gaming casino hotel in the world (1st is in China). The place is enormous! I didn't even try to take a picture it with my phone camera. It wouldn't do it justice. It has a total of 3 huge hotels, all connected. We were staying in the newest one, the MGM Grand. There are restaurants galore, jewelery, Rolex, purse and clothing shops.....for when you win all that money playing slots. (Because, you know, you are bound to make money if you sit there all night long pressing that "Bet Again" button over and over again.)

Our meals were all provided at no cost to us, and let me tell you. I have never eaten so well in my life. The meals during the convention (on Monday) were all buffet style. Pastries, muffins, bagels, fruit for breakfast. Lunch had tossed salad, greek pasta salad, garlic potatoes, free-range oven roasted chicken with a butter sauce and artichokes, pork tenderloins, swordfish. Dinner was hor d'oeuvre style. They had so much to choose from that there was no way I could taste all of it, and will hardly remember all that there was. Yummy cheeses and crackers, oven fried chicken, lamb chops, stuffed potatoes, brie with a raspberry sauce and pecans wrapped in phyllo, crab dip, freshly carved roast beef, mashed potatoes, cooked veggies, shrimp and sushi....that is all I can think of right now. Desserts were all bite sized and fancy. Apple cheesecake, coconut cream pie, lemon meringue pie (my favorite one), chocolate mousse truffle, peach walnut caramel truffle, and a few more I cant remember.

Dean had to spend most of the day on Monday doing his business. I joined him for breakfast and lunch, but was on my own for most of the day until dinner. Oh, I had high hopes the night before of getting down to the gym to get in a workout, but I decided it was best to lay around my room watching tv, and play....the slots. I probably would have gotten lost anyways trying to find the gym.

Anyways, back to....the slots. What an interesting experience that was! Oh, they had the black jack tables, 3 different poker game tables, a dice game and this spinning wheel too. As you can tell by my great knowledge of the world of gambling, I felt right at home. I was hardly brave enough, and way to frugal to do any of that stuff. So, I settled myself down at the 1 cent slots, put in my $5 dollar bill (only because it didn't take $1's), made my wager, pulled the lever pushed a button, crossed my fingers and put all my hope of making a profit in the hands of a machine designed to take my money.

I, personally, don't have anything against gambling. I've played many a hand of Texas Hold 'em in my day. I definitely see the danger of it though. So many people squander their money away at the slight chance of winning, and get lost in that unrealistic idea. The majority of the players on the slots were 50 - 60 yr old + women, most could be seen wearing a fanny pack, some smoking and all had depressing looks on their faces. They looked like they'd been sitting for hours. I don't think I ever saw someone get up from a machine. It was a sad sight to see. Dean and I, on the other hand, must have looked quite out of place. We wouldn't sit at one machine for more then 2 minutes, before getting up and moving to another. If we were losing too much on a certain machine ($1....) or if we won something, we would move. In the end, we lost $11 bucks. I figured that was $11 towards our entertainment. We could easily spend $20 on a movie for 2 hours of entertainment also.

All in all, it was a wonderful time. It was great to have some quality time away with my husband. These are some pictures of our room/view and my growing, achy, belly.

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