Monday, October 24, 2016

William Dean Eaton III || 8 Years Old!

Here is his About Myself survey for year eight!

My best friends name is: Mo

My favorite thing to play: Wii

My favorite color: Black

My favorite animal: Pronghorn

My favorite book: Magic School Bus

My favorite song: Uptown Funk You Up

My favorite food: Mac & Cheese

My yuckiest food: Brussel sprouts

When I grow up I want to be: A Policeman

Something I really like: Dad

Something I really don't like: Doing school

My favorite thing about myself: I'm a good soccer player

What makes you happy: Having birthdays

Something I want to do this year when I'm 8: Play 8-10 flag football

8 year old Will is pretty awesome. He is thoughtful, silly, smart, a great helper, and so much fun to hang out with. He loves playing football with his cousins, and wrestling with daddy and his brothers. He is starting to enjoy reading, and has been learning how to play chess. He loves to bake and loves watching baking shows.

Happy Birthday, Will!

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