Friday, October 17, 2014

Apples. Pumpkins. Sunshine....not so much.

I grew up going apple picking every Fall, and it was always a highlight of the season. Last year I took the boys to the same orchard, and they couldn't wait to go back again! They have rows and rows of apple trees, full of red, crisp apples and are low enough for the boys to easily pick themselves. There is a pumpkin patch that they can run around in, and find a perfect pumpkin to sit on while enjoying a fresh apple snack. They have a tee pee (which was still in the process of construction when we went), and they have tractor rides on the weekends. The highlight though is the hay pit!

We had been having a string of the most perfect Fall weather, but of course the day we chose was overcast, cold and drizzly. Thankfully the drizzle stopped shortly after we got there, so we weren't to miserable. My mom also came with some of my sisters and my little niece, and my sister in law came with her two little kids as well!

First stop were the apple trees! Will was a good helper picking the apples. Sam preferred eating them while running around with his cousin, Ben, and Charlie liked to take already picked apples from other peoples bags, take one bite and then toss it to the side. Repeat.

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! So, this is kind of a fake pumpkin patch since the pumpkins are taken from where they grew, and just placed on the ground in this field. But it's still fun, so whatever.  

The hay pit! Hay bales create walls holding in a huge pile of loose hay. Fun for jumping in, yes, but more importantly it's most fun throwing at other people! 

To see our time at the apple orchard last year, click here!

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