Monday, February 10, 2014

Boys and their blankies

I have made it a priority to make a blanket for all my boys before they are born (and hope to do so for anymore kids to come!) As soon as I find out the gender while pregnant, I can't wait to go buy my yarn (my favorite kind is this) and start crocheting! 

I have never been pushy on trying to make them super attached to it, but so far Will and Sam's blankies have gotten lots of love from them. 

About a year ago, just out of the blue, Will stopped wanting his blanky at bedtime. I must admit I was a little sad about it at first! Although, he doesn't need it to sleep anymore it is still right on his bedside. Every so often he will pull it into bed with him and wrap himself all up in it, and it sure does make my heart happy. 

When I made Will's blanky my personal sense of style was pretty non existent (there was no Pinterest yet!), and I went with the generic blue's and green for him with a simple double crochet pattern.

Sammy boy still loves his blanky. He has gone back and forth when it comes to what stuffed animal he wants to sleep with (or as of late hard plastic dinosaurs), but has always loved his blanket. I went with a more classic neutral style for his with navy blue and white with the same double crochet pattern.

Charlie boy! He sleeps with his blanket every night, but is still a bit to young to become attached to anything (with the exception of his mommy, that is). My crocheting skills had gotten more advanced since having Sam, so I wanted to do something completely different for his blanky. I decided on a granny square style pattern (I used this one!) with some more funky and modern colors. I love how it came out!

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