Thursday, February 7, 2013

The verdict is in...

Three boy. They'll be the best of friends. Three sons who will love, honor, respect and protect their mommy (and future sisters) just like their daddy does. Three boys to snuggle with one minute and wrestle with the next. Three boys to keep this mommy on her toes. Three boys to love.

Everything looked great on the ultrasound; perfectly proportioned. Baby was very squirmy, but gave us a good enough view for the doctor to be certain it is, in fact, another boy. Will was pretty upset when he found out. He really wanted a sister. But, I am sure he'll be over by tomorrow, and is going to love having another brother to boss around. Dean is in shock that he will have THREE boys. I am anxious to start decorating a BOY nursery, and picking out colors for his blanky I will make. We are beyond thrilled to be blessed with another healthy baby, and can't wait to meet him now!