Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family fun day: Riding bikes

Today was our family fun day! Although it would have been a perfect beach day I just wasn't feeling beachy today. Instead we decided to take a bike ride around our neighborhood and up to a close by park, and break in our new to us bike trailer. It was quite hot out, but the boys enjoyed the ride and Dean and I got a good workout in! We will definitely be doing more of it, as long as my bike hangs on a little bit longer. I got that bike when I was 12 years old for $60 at K.B. Toys with my own money. It's just a little sad that I still have it. About 3 out of the 10 gears still work, and I am counting on only the front brakes to stop me. Not the best situation for riding downhill! Here's hoping I don't go flying over the handle bars!

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