Monday, July 9, 2012

The day my little sister got married

It was a hot, sunny and beautiful day for a garden wedding. One of my five younger sisters got married (this means 3/6 of us girls are now a Mrs.) Everything was just lovely and went of without a hitch. Even the 90+ degree day we were given was made bearable with a gentle breeze. Valerie made a beautiful bride and Sullivan was a nervous and beaming groom. The ceremony was simple and personalized to their unique artistic style. Here is a video of them singing their vows:

The wedding/reception was held at a quaint vineyard with pretty gardens, a wonderful big red barn and the decorations were perfect.

The boys did great during the ceremony, with the help of a continuous supply of snacks, and were such troopers lasting long into the night.

I left most of the photograph taking to the professional, but here are a few moments I had to capture myself!

 First dance.

 Father daughter dance. Mother son dance.

 Cutting of the cake.

Congrats to Sully and Val. We love you guys!


  1. Thanks for that post! I prayed someone would post the famous vow song :). Congrats sully and Val, from the salisburys! All was beautiful :)

  2. oh so beautiful! Thankyou for sharing Stacey. May they live, happily, ever after. I think they will!

  3. Oh! The pictures are so adorable. Beautiful pictures and very nicely captured I must say. I really liked the mother-son and daughter-father dance.
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