Monday, May 7, 2012

Burrito's at the park.

I probably have said this before, but I love Mondays! It's a day to get back on track with housework after what is typically a busy weekend. This weekend was no exception! The weather has been beautiful, and with nice weather comes much more opportunities to do something other than stay inside and clean!

We started off our Friday evening going out to drive by a couple houses we were interested in (I will write more about house hunting later). Once back home we started up a little campfire in our backyard while the boys played in the yard. Dean ended up having some guys over, so I headed out to the gym for a quick run. I find myself having to get in my workouts in the evening more and more lately, and...I love it!

Saturday, I got to the gym bright and early, had our church's Mother/Daughter Tea in the afternoon and then spent the evening eating taco's with some friends!

Sunday, Sam woke up crabby with a fever (hoping it's just teething!), so we stayed home from church. We had a relaxing morning at home, and after Sam's morning nap we grabbed some take out from Moe's and headed up to Highland park for a picnic!

We brought along a bat and ball, so daddy and Will could play some baseball. Dean told Will to back up a little so he could throw him the ball to hit. He may have over exaggerated just a bit.

We walked around the park for a bit to look at the lilacs. I neglected to take any pictures of them, but they were so pitiful! It was so sad seeing these half dead trees with just a few flowers here and there. This crazy weather sure did take it's toll on them.

 The tulip garden! At least what was left of it.

I really need to get to know my camera better. We are not on very good terms when it comes to sunny days.

  And of course, no outing with Will is complete without a game of hide and seek.

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