Thursday, August 11, 2011

Behind the Camera

While trying to catch some decent pictures of Sam for his monthly update, Will was being a cutie behind the camera.

He'd found an old cassette tape of mine, and thought it was a camera. So, as I was trying to keep Sam from rolling over and keep his hands out of his mouth without it resulting in him crying, Will was having his own photo shoot! "Mom, Cheeeeese!"

I sure am glad it wasn't a real camera or else he would have gotten some pretty goofy pictures of me trying to get Sam to smile!

I gave Sam a little break from having to be still (the poor guy), and Will got a turn to be photographed. He was ready and willing to make some silly faces for me; Dirty face and all!

Will is such a good big brother. Sam loves watching Will and LOVES to play with him.

As Will would say, "Oosh!"

I was having trouble getting Sam to smile for me. Will was off playing with his ball and hockey stick, having tired of the "camera". I asked him to come over and help make Sam smile. He didn't seem to happy about that idea. I told him if he helped me that I would give him a cookie. Now, Dean seems to think that that is bribing. I like to think of it more like paying him for his services. Anyways, it worked. Will came running over and started jumping up and down saying, "Peek a boo! 'Mile baby Ham! 'Mile!" It was hysterical. Sam was being a real stinker though, and would not give us a smile. After awhile Will was pretty much yelling at Sam to 'mile so he could get his cookie. Sam never did really smile, but Will had given it his all and definitely earned his cookie!

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