Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Da" Day

In honor of Fathers Day Will learned the sign for "Daddy" this week, and shortly after finally started to say "Da"! We have been trying to get him to say mama or dada for so long now, and he just, all of a sudden, did it on his own. (The dada part at least. Still working on mama.) It's the cutest thing seeing and hearing him do it! The sign for "daddy" is putting your thumb to your forehead with all of your fingers out. He prefers to put his pointer finger on the side of his head. Good enough for me. It's pretty funny.

For Father's Day we went out to breakfast (after church), and after Will's nap we went the Red Wings baseball game. Dean's dad, sister, and our nephew were there too. We showed up at the 7th inning (they let you in for free then!), sat through a little baseball, and then after the game they opened up the field for the dad's to play catch with their kids. The little boys had lots of fun. Some ball throwing was done, but mostly wrestling....

Here are 3 generations of William Dean Eaton's

Happy Father's Day!

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