Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby wearing :: Sakura Bloom

I have loved baby wearing with all of my babies so far. Having them so close to you (with your hands free!) is a wonderful, warm and fuzzy feeling, and it never fails to calm them down! But baby wearing with my third baby is even more than a way to keep them close and snuggly. It is a necessity!

A tricky part of going from two kids to three is you now have more kids than you do hands! There were a few times after Charlie was born that during our weekly grocery shopping extravaganza, for some reason I kept Charlie in his car seat. Which meant at some stores, Sam couldn't go in the grocery cart. Which then meant there was grabbing and running and the occasional wrestling match going down on aisle 2. I realized that keeping Sam contained was crucial for my sanity. Not to mention Charlie was so much happier with me carrying him than being strapped to his car seat. So, now wearing Charlie while running errands is an absolute must!

I love, love, LOVE having my Sakura Bloom ring sling for being out and about. I've worn him to the PGA and to the playground. Out on dates with my husband and a family night out stargazing at the beach. To church and to pig roasts. At the pumpkin patch and apple picking.

It's small enough to roll up and fit right into my purse. Easy and quick to put on (once you get the hang of it), and Charlie loves it! Not to mention he looks to darn cute in it!

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