Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Dean and I were able to get away (with some friends) to a friends lake house this past weekend (almost) childless; Sam came along. We had such a nice time! We got there around 7 on Friday night ate pizza, had a little sunset boat ride and then hung out by the fire drinking a little wine.

Sam had me up early on Saturday. It was quite nice though. I actually took a shower before 8am. I can't remember the last time I was able to do that! I usually have to get right to work when I wake up: Change diapers, make breakfast and clean up, get dressed, workout/run errands...you get the idea! After showering Sam and I sat out on the pier by the water just enjoying the sun shining and the cool breeze. It was such a beautiful morning!

Everyone else slowly got up, and we all ended up on the dock to do some fishing. I have never caught a fish before. Granted, the few times I have tried have not been in very prime locations (merky ponds, etc.) The fish were plentiful here though, and so regardless of the fact that I could have hung a worm in the water with my fingers and caught one, using a child sized Buzz Lightyear fishing pole I caught my first fish! It was the prettiest sunfish ever. Then the guys made me grab it with my hand and unhook it myself. The thought of having to do that is much grosser then actually doing it!

After we had our fill of fishing, us womenfolk went inside to make a simple breakfast of eggs, pancakes, banana bread and fresh fruit. We leisurely got the boat packed up, and then headed out for an afternoon on the water! We stopped at a couple wineries that were right on the lake, and enjoyed snacking on cheese, crackers and brownies.

On our way back we had a little problem with the boat; It stalled and wouldn't start! We weren't super far from the house, but we ended up sitting still in the blazing sun for at least 20 minutes. The men were persistent, and right when we were about to raise our white flag for help it started up! Everyone was on edge a little bit. I am so glad that Sam was such a great baby. He slept almost the whole time we were sitting there, and even when he did wake up he was content on mommy's lap. I think having a crying baby would have put everyone over the edge!

Once we were back Sam went down for a nap, the girls lounged around and the guys headed back out on the water for some water skiing, knee boarding and tubing. We grilled for dinner, had a yummy ice cream cake for dessert, and played our own version of The Game of Things. We couldn't hang around too long Sunday morning, since we had to get back for the Air Show! (I will post about that next!)

I am so glad we were able to get away, even if it was just a short amount of time. With 2 little kids and Dean so busy with work, it will be awhile before we can take a real vacation, just us two. Having little 2 day trips here and there is better than nothing!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time!! I'm glad you guys got the chance to take it easy for once. You both work so hard- you definitely deserve the break!! :)

  2. If its the boat I am thinking of, it pretty notorious for stalling in the middle of the lake, etc :) Sounds like so much fun...oh, and the airshow was amazing!!!

  3. Haha, yes Leah, it was that same good ol' boat!